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Learn speed reading, be a speed reader, and improve your reading skills. Improve your perspective and achieve your life goals through the courses, books, videos, audios, software on speed reading and self help, by world renown authority Dr. Jay Polmar, helping students and adults worldwide for 33 years.

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Even if you want to learn speed reading for pleasure reading, you can read an entire book in under an hour. Anyone can double their reading speed with very little effort. Others can increase far beyond that! We Guarantee It!

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Speed Read and Educational Products List

Ace Reader Pro Downloadable(15% discount)
11 Minute Speed Reading Course - Downloadable $19.97
28 Minutes to Faster Reading - Downloadable $12.95
Be Dynamic Through Speed Reading - Downloadable $49.95
The Complete Program - Downloadable $69.95 -
Complete Corporate Speed Reading Program Downloadable - $79.95
Speed Reading for Business - Downloadable $49.95
Speed Reading for Students - Downloadable $49.95
Speed Reading In Only One Hour - Downloadable $19.95
Speed Reading & Study Skills - Downloadable $54.95
Speedread For Children - English - Downloadable $19.95
Speed Reading Home Study Video Course - $295.95
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics - Video $199.95
Evelyn Wood Reading Dynamics - Audio Course 6 Cassettes & Workbook $199.95
Live Speed Reading Classes in Major U.S. Cities - for more information - click here
Develope Your Business Intuition -$19.97
Money, Power and Sex - Downloadable $5.95
Gringo Guide to Speaking Spanish - Downloadable $17.95
How to Accomplish More in Less Time by Dr. Jay Polmar - Downloadable $5.95
The Course on Money - Downloadable $39.95
Evolution of Ebooks-$39.95
The Millionaire's Ten Commandments - Downloadable $5.95
The Path to Your Purpose is Not Behind You - Downloadable $37.95
Think Right - Downloadable $19.97
Bowl Better - $19.97
The Definitive Guide to Reducing Stress in the Work Place - $59.97
Lectura Veloz para los estudiantes -Espa?ol/English bilingual - Transmitible $27.95
El Programa de 11 Minutos de Lectura Veloz - $19.97
Le Programme 11 Minutes Pour Lire Vite - $19.97
Lectura- Veloz en 28 Minutos - Espa?ol - Transmitible $9.95
Lectura- Veloz en Una Hora - Espa?ol - Transmitible $17.95
Si Tu Puedes Leer Esto - Espa?ol - Transmitible $17.95
Lectura-Veloz/Speedreading Espa?ol/English bilingual version - Transmitible $17.95
Lisez Vite en une heure ou moins - la version ?lectronique $9.95
Speed Reading/Lire Vite - version bilingual - version ?lectronique $17.95
Nederlands Snellezen - elektronische versie $17.95
Speed reading/Snellezen - English/Dutch-Nederlands - elektronische versie $17.95
Deutsch Schnell-Lesen - $12.95
Speed Reading/Schnell-Lesen: English/Deutsch bilingual version $17.95